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We always have great deals on Mitsubishi service and parts in Hamilton! 

At Mountain Mitsubishi our experienced Service Staff are certified by Mitsubishi because we strive to provide you with top quality service.

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At Mountain Mitsubishi we carry the Mitsubishi parts you're looking for!

Your Mitsubishi was manufactured and operates at its peak with genuine Mitsubishi parts, so when it's time to customize with accessories or replace worn parts then let your Mountain Mitsubishi Parts Department take care of the details for you. Not only will you get premium quality parts, you will also enjoy our extensive Accessory Warranty.

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We Offer Tire Storage at Mountain Mitsubishi, Ontario.

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Winter Installation Special at Mountain Mitsubishi in Hamilton!

Come into Mountain Mitsubishi and purchase our winter tire installation special that includes reprogramming TPMS sensors!

Only $64

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Winter Tire Special at Mountain Mitsubishi in Hamilton!

Come into Mountain Mitsubishi and purchase our winter tire special that includes tires, rims, sensors and installation!

Only $999

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Winter Tire Rebate Coupon at Mountain Mitsubishi in Hamilton!

Bring this coupon in to receive a winter tire rebate from us!

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*conditions apply see service consultant for details


Tires And Brakes at Mountain Mitsubishi, Ontario.

Your tires and brakes should perform as optimally as possible - especially when manoeuvring around pothole filled spring roads!

  • Tire Pressure Check - Proper tire pressure contributes to safety, control and optimal fuel efficiency.
  • Tire Rotation - Essential to ensure even tire wear.
  • Visual Tire Check - Ensures proper tread and identifies signs of wear, bulges or odd lumps.
  • Brake Line, Pads and Rotor Check - Identify signs of wear and damage that could affect your stopping distance.
Fluid Check at Mountain Mitsubishi, Ontario.

Check these fluids seasonally for smooth performance and to help identify problems before they become costly repairs.

  • Oil/Filter Check/Change - The importance of maintaining your engine's oil cannot be underrated as it keeps vital elements lubricated and running smoothly.
  • Coolant - Proper coolant levels are essential to prevent engine overheating, particularly when idling to warm up a cold car!
  • Wiper Fluid - An unobstructed view of the road ahead is vital to safe driving. Remember to clear all snow before you drive away.
  • Brake & Transmission Fluid - Did you know that low brake fluid can be a sign of worn brakes? We do. Maintaining these fluids are essential for safe stopping and seamless shifting.
Springs And Struts at Mountain Mitsubishi, Ontario.

Your suspension system ensures a safe and comfortable ride by absorbing road surface trauma and allowing your brakes and tires to work as intended.

  • Visual Check - Shocks and struts have fluid that can degrade and leak over time. A visual inspection is required to identify leakage, which is a true indication of wear.
  • ABS Light On? - A worn shock or strut can cause excessive wheel bouncing during hard stops and on rough roads, resulting in ABS system engagement. It's our job to know that, and we have the solution.
  • Spring Check - Although springs seldom need to be replaced, a quick visual check is a simple way to ensure they're functioning properly and absorbing the energy from bumps in the road.
Heating And Cooling at Mountain Mitsubishi, Ontario.

Your heating and cooling systems directly contributes to your comfort while on the road. Keeping them in great condition ensures you arrive at your destination in great condition too!

  • A/C Check - A leak may cause loss of refrigerant resulting in less than stellar cooling capacity when the time comes to use it. Our service department has the special equipment required for an accurate diagnosis.
  • Hose and Seal Inspection - Ensures there are no leaks and identifies signs of wear and/or areas to monitor.
  • Condensor/Belt Check - Confirm that your condensor is free from obstructions and belt tension for the compressor is satisfactory for optimal performance.
Visual Check at Mountain Mitsubishi, Ontario.

Visual checks from one of our knowledgeable technicians can identify problems before you even know they're there. Common areas to check:

  • Tires - Tread and over-all tire condition
  • Engine - Belts, hoses, clamps, signs of fluid leaks, fluid levels
  • Brakes - Pads, rotors, brake lines
  • Undercarriage - Corrosion, exhaust system, fluid leaks
Batteries at Mountain Mitsubishi, Ontario.

A good spring maintenance check always includes inspection of your vehicle's battery!

  • Terminal Check - Loose terminals and corrosion can cause problems with charging and result in your car failing to start.
  • Battery Test - We have the special equipment required to test your battery. Find out about that bad battery cell long before it ruins your road trip!
  • Battery Cables Check - Corrosion on battery cables will prevent power from flowing to the starting system, resulting in a car that will not start.


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