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Official Mitsubishi Dealer at Mountain Mitsubishi, Ontario.
Official Mitsubishi Dealer at Mountain Mitsubishi, Ontario.

Welcome to the Service Department at Mountain Mitsubishi in Hamilton, Ontario!

Our Professional team of experienced Mitsubishi certified service consultants and Mitsubishi trained service technicians are here to assist you. Trust your Mitsubishi vehicle to the people who know it best! 

We aim to fix it right the first time! At Mountain Mitsubishi we have the latest diagnostic tools and repair techniques, authorized and approved by Mitsubishi. Bring your vehicle to us and see the difference for yourself. Book an appointment online today or call us at (905) 526-4895.

Parts And Service Department Open Saturday at Mountain Mitsubishi, Ontario.
Parts And Service Department Open Saturday at Mountain Mitsubishi, Ontario.
You Provide The Service You Need at Mountain Mitsubishi, Ontario.

Mountain Mitsubishi is your go-to source for your Mitsubishi maintenance and oil change needs.

Just pop by our Hamilton service bay in Ontario and we will:

  • Change your oil (and filter if it's a yearly service)
  • Provide your Mitsubishi car or SUV with a multi-point underbody/chassis inspection
  • Check your Mitsubishi brake discs and disc brake pads
  • Inspect your Mitsubishi shocks, struts, and steering for signs of wear and tear

As a last step, we will discuss anything we find with you and let you know if any items need your immediate attention. Contact Mountain Mitsubishi to arrange your service in Hamilton.

Stop On A Dime at Mountain Mitsubishi, Ontario.

Brake discs and brake disc pads are often overlooked items on your Mitsubishi vehicle. Apart from the condition of the brake discs and the pads themselves, the condition of the brake fluid is also important. 

Even the most high-tech brake fluids constantly absorb water from the atmosphere. Strains on the brake system from long mountain descents or track days can interfere with the brake fluid boiling point. Long brake pedal travel and increased stopping distances come as a result.

Brake fluid changes should be a regular maintenance item. Ideally, brake fluid should be changed at least every 2 years. If you live in a humid area with lots of condensation, yearly attention is a must. 

Schedule your Mitsubishi service today!

We're The Right Choice For Repairs at Mountain Mitsubishi, Ontario.

Look no further for your yearly Mitsubishi Service in Hamilton, Ontario. Whichever Mitsubishi car or SUV you are driving, we can perform all of your annual service needs, for example: 

  • Change your engine oil and filter
  • Adjust the parking brake
  • Check the coolant, brake and washer fluid levels
  • Inspect your Mitsubishi exhaust system and suspension
  • Rotate your tires
  • Change the differential/ transfer case oil

Arrange your  Mitsubishi Service online and drive straight up to our Mitsubishi Service bay in Ontario. 

Your All-Season Service Source at Mountain Mitsubishi, Ontario.

Mountain Mitsubishi is fully qualified to carry out seasonal inspections and any warranty repairs you might need. Our technicians can evaluate the current condition of your Mitsubishi vehicle, let you know the recommended repairs, and arrange for any warranty work to be completed, as soon as possible.

Even if your Mitsubishi is in tip-top shape, a tire rotation every 10,000 kms is in order. Depending on road conditions and driver needs, your vehicle may also need an alignment to be carried out to reduce wear on the tires.

Connect with your Hamilton Mitsubishi team to arrange your Ontario Mitsubishi service today!